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terms and conditions

Fix-Aid Telephones Establishment Greetings, Conditions required to qualify our store for customers to shop online: 1- All customers should read these terms carefully before using them or to obtain any products, spare parts or services. The customer acknowledges his acceptance and consent to all terms of usage without limitations nor conditions, and that the information he provides are correct and is solely liable for violating the same. Besides, claiming ignorance of these terms will not be accepted. 2- The participant age must not be less than 21 years. 3- The customer accepts all terms and conditions without manipulation nor claiming ignorance or misunderstanding. 4- The customer agrees in advance to accept any sudden changes to the website in the future. Terms of usage: 
By using the shopping website, you agree to be bound by the terms of usage (set out below), legal notices, privacy policy, all disclaimer announcements, and terms and conditions set forth anywhere else. The customer declares its consent to all terms of usage without limitations nor conditions. Fix-Aid Telephones Establishment reserves its right to make any changes on its electronic-store and its terms of usage as well as any legal notices at any time. You should review the current terms of usage, legal notices and privacy policy, and apply them on your dealings and usages. If you are not satisfied with the electronic-store and the application, or its content, terms of usage or legal notices, you may discontinue using it, and Fix-Aid Telephones Establishment disclaims its responsibility for the misuse. Moreover, tampering with the website, providing incorrect information and engaging in fraudulent activities on the website are prohibited and will expose you to legal accountability. Responsibility and its limitations: By using the electronic-store, you agree that such usage will be at your own responsibility. Product display through the website: We exert best efforts to show images of the displayed products on the website as accurately as possible, but we cannot guarantee that the color you see matches the actual color of the product, because this depends on the screen type used by the customer. Announced prices and errors if occurred: Pricing and availability of the products and services are subject to change without notice. Errors will be corrected wherever they are discover, and Fix-Aid Telephones Establishment reserves the right to cancel any announced offers or correct any errors, whenever discovered. How to pay for your orders: You can pay the financial value of your orders through credit cards and KNET or by cash at the headquarters of Fix-Aid Telephones Establishment, or when delivered the products by the authorized personnel. Refund policy: Refund is granted if the order is canceled for the following reasons only: Product is unavailable, order was canceled by the customer before being shipped or arrived to the customer. Credit Card and KNET: If the order was made using KNET or credit cards and then canceled for the reasons mentioned above, the paid amount will be reimbursed automatically to the card used, usually within 20 to 30 working days, according to the procedures applicable at the customer’s bank. - Refunding the order value shall be according to the procedures applicable at the customers’ banks. Fix-Aid Telephones Establishment is not liable for any delay in refunding the value once its issues a request to the bank to refund the value. - Concerning all operations of refunding the value, only the value of the purchased commodity will be refunded, without making refund of the shipping cost to the customer. Verification of your order and the submitted details: After submitting your order using our electronic-store, we will verify the information you provided to us in respect of its authenticity by checking your method of payment or shipping address. We shall have the right to reject any order submitted to us without expressing any reasons, and if any order is refused by us then we will notify you of that through the details we have in hand. - Moreover, no charge will be made to your credit card or KNET if the order is rejected, but we will process the refund if any amount is deducted from your card and transferred to the company’s account, in accordance with the text of the previous paragraph. Methods of shipping and delivery: The costs of delivering your orders will be based on the order’s weight, dimensions, number, quantity and distance. We use our delivery service to reach all cities in the State of Kuwait within 3 to 7 working days. If your orders are from outside the State of Kuwait, delivery service and its duration will be based on your correspondences through the website to indicate how far or close is the distance and the method of delivery suitable to you. Cancellation policy: If we receive any request to cancel the transaction before it is shipped to the customer, we will cancel the purchase order and refund the paid amount in full. The refund operation will take 20 to 30 days, and the amount will be refunded to the credit card or KNET that was used. Noting that we will not be able to cancel any order already shipped, and the customer agrees not to discuss any decision made by Fix-Aid Telephones Establishment in this regard, and must agree to the cancellation policies. Maintenance Terms & Conditions (Warranty): The mobile devices or computers equipment we sell at our shopping store are guaranteed from the date of purchase for a period not less than One year by the manufacturer or the agent (excluding internal supplements and accessories). The customers must contact the manufacturer or the agent directly to receive the warranty services in accordance with applicable rules and regulations. - The warranty is valid only at the country of purchase or according to the clauses stated in the Warranty Booklet. The warranty period starts from the date of purchase indicated on the purchase invoice. To benefit from the after sales service, the customer must keep the original purchase invoice during the warranty period and submit it in case of requesting maintenance to benefit from the warranty services by the agent. Fix-Aid Telephones Establishment is not responsible for the warranty services provided by the manufacturer or the agent, including the provision of spare parts as well as the repair period and quality. The customer must contact the warranty service center directly in case of having a complaint or remark. - Also, it must be noted that the warranty excludes the defects and damages resulting from misuse by the customer, including negligence in following the manufacturer's instructions, dropping the device and exposing it to breakage, or any other damage to the device due to being exposed to moisture or liquids, or for being destroyed deliberately, or for performing maintenance not conforming to the specifications and recommendations of the producing company, or neglecting performing maintenance on time or for tampering with the serial numbers of the device or changing them, or for damaging the device due to errors of paint and scratches, and the problems caused by corrosion and rust are not guaranteed by the manufacturer, or deleting the files of the operating system, and the defects resulting from dividing and programming the fixed disc and the viruses, or attempts to make repair outside the maintenance which would lead to damaging the device, or failure to follow the usage instructions as provided in the device manual enclosed in the box or the instructions given on the approved web pages or instructions indicated in the digital agreements of the process to activate the device. Repair terms and conditions: 1- The services of repair and receiving the devices are not included in the quick maintenance at the present time. 2- Fix-Aid Telephones Establishment does not provide any replacement device to the customer who requests maintenance and repair services. 3- Fix-Aid Telephones Establishment does not assume any responsibility towards the loss of customer's information during the maintenance process or installation of spare parts. 4- Fix-Aid Telephones Establishment does not assume responsibility for guaranteeing the spare parts that were damaged or malfunctioned due to misuse such as negligence or exposing the device or the installed part to moisture, liquids, water, breakage, vandalism or maintenance work outside the scope of Fix-Aid Telephones Establishment or the malfunctions caused from viruses or misuse, noting that the aforesaid is stated as examples only. 5- The replacement policy does not include the accessories of the devices and telephones. 6- The replacement policy or the warranty and guarantee policy of Fix-Aid Telephones Establishment does not include the parts purchased from the Establishment, unless in the case of returning the part by the customer in the same condition it was in when purchased, and must be inside its package without any tampering from the customer or opening of the package, and it is conditional for all the aforesaid to be within Three days from the date of purchase or from the date the part has reached the customer. Guaranteeing maintenance and malfunctions that we carry out: Fix-Aid Telephones Establishment undertakes that the part purchased from it and was installed by its personnel will be guaranteed for a period of 14 days from the date of purchase. The customer must present the original invoice for such part in order to benefit from the maintenance and warrantee clauses, excluded from that is the text stated in previous clause (4). Customer complaints: Fix-Aid Telephones Establishment welcomes receiving your inquiries, complaints and viewpoints via the telephone service at No. (00965) 22213333 which is available throughout 24 hours. Intellectual property and copyright: All materials provided by Fix-Aid Telephones Establishment through this e-store, for example but not limited to: name, notices, details, graphics, i-phones, sections, images and uploads are deemed as private property for Fix-Aid Telephones Establishment, which are subject to protection pursuant to the law of the State of Kuwait and the international laws. Disputes: All dealings executed through the shopping site of Fix-Aid Telephones Establishment shall be subject to the laws of the State of Kuwait, and the Kuwaiti courts shall have jurisdiction over looking at any dispute that may arise, may God forbid, between the customer and the Establishment.