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ZENDURE Ultra Braided Lightning Cable 100CM - Grey

ZENDURE Ultra Braided Lightning Cable 100CM - Grey

Zendure SuperCord Kevlar USB Cable is wrapped in Nylon and reinforced with Kevlar woven in a chevron pattern, surrounding a Kevlar fiber core. This design provides incredible durability and strength, in addition to meeting the demands of your a life in constant motion. -To provide ultimate strength for SuperCord, one of the key ingredients is Kevlar®. Kevlar is a resilient fiber that provides added durability for a range of products, such as bullet resistant vests, crash helmets, extreme sports gear, and more. -To provide all-around protection for the whole cable, we made certain to reinforce the cable’s construction with Kevlar technology for enhanced durability and flexibility: -400D Kevlar fibers reinforce the inner wiring for added strength. - 1050D individual Kevlar strands add durability and protection. -With reinforced cable construction, Zendure SuperCord Kevlar USB Cable is certificated by TÜV Lab, proving that it is capable of withstanding over 50,000 flexes at 180 degrees. This is ten times stronger than ordinary cables. -Made from soft and flexible material, this strain relief helps absorb stress and reinforce the junction between the cable and connector to prevent separation. Strong, fire resistant PVC protects the circuit board and chipset inside with a stainless steel connector.

current price: 8.000 KD


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